Garnishee a paycheck

Problem Details:

Garnishee needs to be 30% of net pay, but Sage is deducting 30% of gross pay



At this time, it is not possible to setup a deduction code to garnishee an amount from net pay.  If the deduction code is setup with a calculation method of 'percentage of base', the calculation will always be based on the gross earnings from the Calc base tab.  The following is a workaround solution to enable the payroll clerk to garnish the correct percentage amount from net pay:

Create a deduction code for the garnishee and use the Employee Calc method 'Flat'.  On the Employee tab, ensure that the Tax box for 'Take Deduction Before' is empty.  This will ensure that the deduction is taken from the after-tax dollars. Leave the Amount field(s) at zero. 

Add the deduction code to the Employee record on the Pay tab.  Leave the Employee Rate/Amt/Pct field at zero.

Add this deduction code to the employee's timecard.  Leave the Rate/Amt/Pct field at zero. Run the Calculate Payroll function and review the pre-check register to note the employee's net pay without any garnishee deduction.  Manually calculate the percentage of the garnishee deduction and now enter it on the timecard in the Rate/Amt/Pct field.  Re-run the Calculate Payroll function and select the 'Erase' option when the warning appears about unposted payroll activity already existing.  (the other option is to use the 'delete all' button first before calculating the payroll the second time).  Now you will have the proper percentage deducted from the employee's net pay.

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