Sage 300 Version 2017 Released - August 2016

August 2016

Sage has just released the latest version of Sage 300 - Version 2017.  Here's some of the new features that may tempt you to upgrade your version!

If you use Web Screens:

  •  you now have the ability to hide fields and controls and collapse some sections for faster data entry
  • add notes for customers, vendor or items in the new Notes panel
  • new web screens for functions in all modules
  • drill down to posting journals and posting errors reports directly from batch listing screen

If you use Classic Screens:

  • add notes for customers, vendors or items with the new Notes button
  • Sage Intelligence reporting has a Report Utility - a tool that will enable you to import Sage Intelligence reports. Free, downloadable reports are available for your use and customization. Report types that are available: Cash Management, Dashboard, Financial, Inventory, Project & Job Costing, Sales, Vendors, Power View.

If you use Sage Payment Solutions:

  • a new Quick Charge button processes credit card payments with one click and is available in AR Prepayments and AR Receipt Entry.
  • new Quick Pre-authorize and Quick Charge buttons are available in Order Entry to process credit card payments with one click.
  • there is now the ability to process smart cards (credit cards that have a built-in chip)


Review the full release notes for version 2017 here: Sage 300 Release Notes - Version 2017

NOTE If you are using Payroll: 

  • With the release of version 2017, Sage's support for version 2012 has been suspended.  However, Payroll 7.2 is compatible with versions 2012, 2014, and 2016.  This means there will be a payroll update in December 2016 for Payroll 7.2.
  • This update will be able to be installed and activated in Version 2012.  It is possible that it will be completely functional in that version.  HOWEVER, Sage is not testing the update in version 2012, and if there are any issues with it, they will not fix it or support it in order to make it work.  Therefore, it is recommended to upgrade to the newest version available if you are running payroll.

If you need to get on a payroll supported version (2014, 2016, 2017) prior to December 2016, please call 604-544-7587 or email


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