Information Manager pop up not working following a Password / User ID change or


Information Manager's pop up or F11 feature has stopped working following a password change.


Information manager accesses the Sage database using the credentials stored in the Tray Icon. The tray icon has to be running for F11 feature to work. Make sure the tray icon is running in the desktop tray area (at the bottom right hand corner) of the screen. If you can't see the brown Circle with a key at the bottom of your screen, Tray Icon is not running. Navigate to Information Manager module and double click on the Tray Icon to start it running. 

You can also follow the instruction in this article to Setup a Startup folder for the Tray Icon

When the Information manager's Tray icon is in the Startup Folder, it will attempt to connect to Sage database with login credentials from the last user. If a user changes their password, they have to update the password in Information Manager's tray icon. to do this, right click the Tray Icon on your task bar (at the bottom of your screen) and select "Options". A window pops up asking for user name and password. Update the user credentials in this window, and save.

When setting up a new user in Sage, take note that the first time a new user logs into Sage, they will need to open the Option's window and put in their own user name and password into the Tray icon. Once it has been done once, The tray icon will save the credentials for all future connections. 


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