Errors when importing


When importing a file, the following message is received via email:

errors were encountered while processing some items. Below is a list of the errors encountered with descriptions and corrections to help you modify your data to import properly

Once you have made the necessary corrections, you can resubmit your file for import.
Number of entries imported successfully: 269

Number of entries with import errors: 14

A list of error messages follows, but there is no indication of which 14 records failed.  Is there a way to determine which records were not imported without going through them one by one?



Yes and no...  If there is no csv file attached to the error email, then the only way to figure out the failed records on the current import is to go through them one at a time.  However, there is a setting that can be turned on BEFORE an import is done, that will allow a csv file to be attached to the email, listing all the failed records.  After browsing to your import file, and just prior to the actual import, ensure that the option to 'Process ofline' is selected.  This is the option that will send the csv file containing the errored records with the error notification email.



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