Cannot Find Program File error

Problem Details:

Can log into Sage, but unable to open any of the module icons.  The error message is 'Program file problem. Cannot find program file.'



Sage is looking for the A4WContainerXP.exe file and cannot find it. It is (or should be) located in the Runtime folder of the program files directory.  When in Sage, click on Help / System Information and find the directory that the program files are located in:

Then check the c:\Sage\Sage 300 ERP\Runtime directory for the A4WContainerXP.exe file.  If it is present in this directory, it is likely the file is corrupt.  More commonly, the file will simply be missing.  It is possible that it has been removed by an anti-virus software.  Copy this file from a workstation where the program is still working.  If no workstations are running successfully, or if this is an install on a terminal server, a reinstallation of system manager may be needed in order to get that file back. 

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