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Is it possible to implement a stricter security policy in Sage where passwords get changed regularly and must be more complex?



Yes, it sure is! The ADMIN password is needed in order to set this up.  Open Database Setup (Start / Programs / Sage / Database Setup) and click on the 'Security' button.

This will bring up the Advanced Security Settings screen:

Select any number of the available options.  In order for these settings to take effect, security must be turned on for the specific database.  This is done by highlighting the system database in database setup, click on 'edit' and then turn on the option 'Enable application security'. 

This forces the users to use a password to sign into any company using that system database, and will put the Advanced Security Settings into effect. 

Note:  Even with the Complex Passwords option in Advanced Security, no special characters are available for use in passwords.  Also, there is no differentiation in upper and lower case letters.  This is a limitation of Sage security.



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