Cannot open reports exported in Excel format

By: Richard Edwards

Problem Details:
Cannot export Intacct reports to Excel

Please first apply any outstanding Windows Updates then try one of the following workarounds.

Background: The Excel issue is a widespread issue with Microsoft Office which is impacting Excel Exports. This issue was a result of Microsoft’s release of a security update KB3170008.

Symptoms: Users may experience blank screens or inability to open an Excel Exported file.
Update: Microsoft has released a fix for this issue. Please see the Microsoft article here: to install the latest update.

We have outlined optional workarounds for this issue:
Workaround 1: Export the file as a .csv file and re-format accordingly.
Workaround 2: Unblock the option for security on the file by completing the following steps: Download the Excel file to your desktop Right Click on the file Click Properties Under general Tab Click the unblock option for security Click Apply and Ok
Workaround 3: If using Internet Explorer, set Intacct as a trusted site: Click the Tools icon Select Internet Options from the menu Click the Security tab In the 'Select a zone to view or change security settings' section, click Trusted Sites Click Sites Check the box 'Require server verification (https:) for all sites in this zone' if applicable Type the URL of a trusted site in the field 'Add this web site to the zone' and click Add Repeat for additional trusted sites Click Close and Ok to accept the updates to the Internet Options
Workaround 4: Save the file to your desktop, e-mail it to yourself, and then open the file.
Workaround 5: If using Mozilla FireFox, save and open using the Downloads > Home option: Export the file Save the file Click the downloads arrow in the top right corner of the screen Click the file folder icon next to the file In the Downloads screen, select the file and click the Home tab Click Edit Excel will open with a prompt Click Yes on the prompt The file should open as a .xls file
Workaround 6: SHIFT + Right Click + Edit Export the file Save the file to your desktop or preferred folder Hold the SHIFT key and right click the file with your mouse Select Edit from the menu Excel will open with a prompt Click Yes on the prompt The file should open as a .xls file

References: Microsoft KB: Microsoft Forum Discussion regarding this issue:

At this time, Intacct recommends our users follow one of the workarounds we have provided.

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