How to create a Recurring Export

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How can a recurring export be created, so that a specific export can be done regularly without having to remember all the fields that were selected previously?



From anyplace that an export can be done, a recurring export can be setup in order to be used over and over again.  However, it is not actually called a recurring export, it is called a script.  For example, let's say that a list of outstanding PO receipts is required at the end of each month.  From the PO Receipt Entry screen, click on File / Export.  Select the Type of export and then enter or browse to the location where the file should be saved.  By default, all the fields are selected for all the components of the receipt. Most exports do not need all of this information, and it may be simplest to clear all of the check boxes at once and then only select the desired fields.  Highlight the heading of each tab and right click to display a new menu.  Click on 'Unselect all fields'.  


Do that for each of the headings until no fields are selected.  Now, expand each heading in turn, and place a check beside each field that is wanted in the export file.  Note that the red starred fields are required for an import, but there are no mandatory fields for an export. However, some fields are important for linking each of the headers / tabs to each other.  For example, the Receipt Sequence Key from the Receipts tab will link to the Receipt Sequence Key from the Receipt_lines tab, therefore, it is recommended that those fields be selected in each to ensure that the correct line items are identifiable with the receipt header information.  Notice that if only some (not all) of the fields are selected, the box beside the header is grey with a check mark instead of white (for all fields).  Next click on Set Criteria and specify any filters that are needed in the export file, such as a date range, or an incomplete status.  (for more information on setting criteria, click here Setting Complex Selection Criteria) When the export is completely ready, click on 'Save Script'.

Give your recurring export a name and save it in a location where it can be accessed again.  The extension for an export script is .xml.  Now go ahead and run the export.  The next time the same export is needed, simply click on File / Export and then 'Load Script'.  Locate the earlier saved script and it will populate the export file with exactly the same previously selected fields, criteria and location for saving the file.  Click OK to run the export. 

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