Multiple Receipt Batches in one Deposit

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Is it possible to have more than one AR receipt batch in a deposit?



Yes.  One reason for this is that it is common to post the day's receipts in one batch.  However, if a physical bank deposit is not made daily, the deposit to the bank may include more than one day's receipts. In this case, it would be necessary to have multiple receipt batches assigned to the same deposit number for bank reconciliation purposes.  Another reason to have multiple batches in one deposit is that many users like to have one type of deposit per batch.  For example, one batch for Mastercard, one for Visa, and one for checks, even though all these batches are for the same day's receipts. 

Here's how this works:

  • By default, when a new receipt batch is created, the deposit field is at 0 and the deposit date is blank.  The user can create a new deposit, or select an existing deposit from the finder.  If nothing is done to this field, upon saving the first receipt entry, a new deposit number is automatically created and assigned to the receipt batch and the deposit date set to the batch date.

  • The only deposit numbers available to be selected from the finder are for those batches that are not yet posted.  Therefore, if a batch is set to deposit #64 (for example), other batches can also select deposit #64 only before the other batch is posted.  As long as there is a batch open with deposit #64, that deposit can have more batches assigned to it. If one batch for deposit #64 is posted, but other batches using deposit #64 are still open, new batches can still be assigned to this deposit number. 

We can see which receipt batches are assigned to a specific deposit number in AR or in Bank Services.  In the AR Receipt Batch List, we can use a filter for 'deposit number' to see which batches are assigned to a specific deposit:

Also in AR, the printing of the deposit slip lists the batch numbers for each individual receipt entry:

Once the receipt batches are posted and the deposit is sent to Bank Services, we can see the deposit detail, including the AR receipt batches, from the bank reconciliation screen.  On the Reconciliation tab, highlight the deposit, and click on the 'Details' button.  A new Deposit Details screen will popup and display all the individual items on the deposit including the batches that each came from.

It is possible to clear some of the individual items from a deposit without clearing others.  See Clearing Partial Deposits in Bank Rec for this process.


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