Error when posting Bank Rec

Problem Details:

When posting bank rec the following error is displayed: 'initialization file for AP must have a [Bank] section to process transactions in Bank Services'.



This error message refers to the AP.ini file located in the program files directory under the APXXa (where XX is the version number) folder. If this is a client / server setup with full workstation installs, check the bank rec posting on another workstation to see if it will be successful there.  If so, copy the AP.ini file from that workstation to the offending workstation.  If there are no workstations that can post the bank rec successfully, or if this is a terminal server setup where all users are accessing the same program files, a reinstall of the AP module will refresh the AP.ini file.  Alternatively, email for technical support and a tech support agent can supply the correct AP.ini file for your version. 

This is the file that the error message is referring to:

And this is a snippit of the file with the Bank section highlighted:

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