Error when importing OFX statments


When importing the OFX bank statement into Sage, the following error appears:

'The CAD currency statement(s) for account ____ (with transit number _____) on 8/31/2016 did not match any bank records in the specified range'



Unfortunately, sometimes the exports from the bank account do not have all the correct information in the correct fields.  Open the OFX file downloaded from the bank (this can be done in Notepad) and locate the field for the bank account and transit number.  These two fields must match the bank account information stored in Bank Services / Banks on the Profile page.  Below is a snip of an OFX file in Notepad.  The BANKID (transit number) and the ACCTID (account number) fields are the most commonly affected with this type of import error.

Either edit the OFX file for the correct information or edit the bank profile page to match the information in the OFX file. Save and re-try the import.

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