How to change check alignment settings


Checks are not lining up properly. 



There are two places where check settings can be adjusted.

1)  Go to Company / My Preferences and scroll to the bottom of the page.  Here you will find a section called 'Check preferences'.  Use the 'Printing offsets' setting to move the printed check left or right (horizontal) or up and down (vertical).  You can use the function to 'Verify your printer alignment for Intacct checks' to confirm the settings as you change them.  Note that changing this setting is specific to the logged in user only.  Each user can have different settings, as each user may be printing to different printers.

2) Go to Cash Management / Open Setup / Checking Accounts.  Click on Edit next to the bank account that is used for writing the checks.  Go to the Check Printing tab. If your are printing on 'Blank check stock (MICR printer ink required) as shown here:

then you will have a section at the bottom of this page called MICR (Magnetic Ink Character Recognition).  Use teh Account number alignment and Account number positioning fields to move the MICR line to the bank's required position. First set the account number to be right or left aligned.  The Account number positioning field allows you to put in leading or trailing blank spaces (up to 5) by entering a number in that field.

These settings are specific to each bank account, and apply to all users.

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