Cannot Reverse Receipt

Problem Details:

Trying to reverse a receipt in Bank Services / Reverse Transactions, but when posting the reversal, the following error message appears:

"Cannot reverse receipt as it has been partially or fully paid by another receipt. Youmust first reverse all other receipts applied to this receipt before reversing itself."



The receipt that the user is trying to reverse is connected to another receipt.  This means that either

  1. this receipt is paying for an invoice plus another receipt together, or
  2. another receipt has used a portion of this receipt into its disbursement.

For example:  if a receipt was entered for $225.00 as a prepayment, and there was an outstanding invoice for $340.00, then the customer will only send a check for $115.00.  At the time of receipt entry, the check would be applied to the prepayment and the invoice and posted.  The prepayment receipt for $225 could not be reversed until the other receipt for $115 was reversed first, since it 'paid' the prepayment of $225.

The challenge in this situation has always been how to locate the second receipt.  One recommended solution is to look into Customer Inquiry and go to the Receipts tab.  Locate the receipt and highlight it.  All of the documents applied to that receipt will be located on the bottom half of that screen.

In the example above, highlighting the receipt for $115 shows the two documents it was applied to in the section below.

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