Error 1 during dbdump or dbload

by Richard Edwards

Problem Details:

Error: “Error 1 Connecting to the Database Profile” when running DB Load or DB Dump or no databases found, please run DB Setup when starting Sage 300


After installing Sage 300 Database Setup runs properly, especially if you get a UAC prompt, but DB Load or DB Dump won’t work with the error message “Error 1 Connecting to the Database Profile” and Sage 300 reports no databases found and says to run DB Setup. To resolve this issue, try the following: 

  1. Check sharing and permissions on the Shared Data Directory. Ensure the user you are connected as has Full Control (test by creating and then deleting a text file)

  2. Run the affected program (DB Load, DB Dump, Sage 300) as Administrator

  3. Optionally make these programs always run as Administrator, either for the current user or for All Users to prevent the issue from recurring

  4. Alternately, have IT investigate to make sure Users in fact have Full Control of the shared data directory

Technical Details: Without proper access to the Shared Directory, the system cannot access browse.ism, which holds the database profile.

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