Clearing partial deposits in bank rec


A deposit can be made up of multiple entries and multiple batches.  They don't all clear on the same day.  How to handle this in bank rec?



It is possible to clear individual entries within a deposit without clearing the whole deposit.  From the Reconciliation tab of the Reconcile Statements function, select the option 'Reconcile by deposit detail' in the Reconciliation Status field, and then click on 'Details'. 

From the Details screen, entere the 'Cleared Amount' and then clear the individual lines as necessary, in the same manner as clearing on the Reconciliation screen.  Click Save and Close to return to the Reconciliation screen.

This is how the line now looks:

The line can continue to be reconciled by detail on the next reconciliation.  On the current reconciliation, if filters are used, the line is considered 'reconciled' and will not be seen if only outstanding transactions are being displayed.  Once the current reconciliation is posted, the 'Difference' value becomes outstanding in a new reconciliation and the transaction will be seen in an outstanding item display.

Another way to partially clear a deposit is to select the option 'Cleared with bank error' in the Reconciliation Status field.  This will not allow you to clear individual detail lines, but will allow you to enter an amount that has cleared, and the difference will be held over to be cleared in the next reconciliation, when the bank fixes their error.  This is a 'workaround' solution that may be quicker than clearing by detail, but is not as accurate nor does it have a correct audit trail.  But it works!


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