Optional Field Reports

Optional Fields are used as selection criteria in the following reports.  You can select the data on the report, based on the values in the optional fields.

AR Aging

AR Customer

AR Customer Transactions

AP Aging

AP Vendors

AP Vendor Transactions

IC Item Valuation

IC Item Status

IC Inventory Movement

IC Bin / Shelf Labels

IC Slow Moving Items

IC Reorder Report

IC Overstocked Items


Optional fields information can be included on these reports:

OE Transaction List

OE Posting Journals

OE, IC, PO, AR, AP, GL - Setup Reports:  Optional fields report - shows optional fields and what they are assigned to

PO Posting Journals

IC Posting Journals


It is not until we get into the GL that we have a report that shows transactional information by optional field. we can actually run a transactional report by optional field to see revenue and expense by optional field.  This report is found in GL Reports  and is called Trans. Details Optional Fields. 

Enter a transactional optional field and field values to select only the transactions with that optional field assigned to them to show up on the report.  The output is quite different than a regular GL Transaction Listing!

From this report we can easily see the revenue and expenses assigned to whatever it is we are tracking!

Note that once optional fields are setup and in use, it is a very simple process to write custom reports based on the optional fields values.







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