Excluding an invoice from a payment

Problem Details:

Need to withhold payment for one invoice from a vendor, but pay others. 



Using the 'Create Payment Batch' function is the most efficient way to create payment batches and does allow the user to completely exclude one vendor from the payment batch.  However, if some invoices from the vendor need to be paid, there are a couple of options to still be efficient, and get this done. 

  • After a payment batch has been generated, it is possible to edit the batch before printing checks and posting.  Therefore, the vendor can be excluded and then an entry manually added to this batch, selecting only the desired invoices for payment.
  • The other option is to not exclude the vendor, but edit the vendor's entry in the payment batch to remove the one invoice before printing checks and posting.
  • We can also use the 'Control Payments' function to place the invoice on hold.  Go to Accounts Payables / A/P Transactions / Control Payments.  Enter the vendor number and invoice number and click on the double arrows to populate the lower fields.  The Status field at the very bottom is set to 'Normal' by default.  Set the Status to 'On Hold' and click Process.  Now, when the batch is created, do not put the vendor on the exclusion list, and this invoice will not be processed. 

The invoice will need to be set back to 'Normal' status when wanting to pay the invoice. 

We can also set the status to 'Forced' and then in the Create Payment Batch Criteria, select the option to Pay 'Only Forced Documents' in order to exclude all invoices except the ones marked 'Forced'. 

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