Changing the Order by field in Vendor Activity

Problem Details:

The Order by field in Vendor Activity is set to 'Document Number'.  We want it by document date.  Can we have it set by date and have it there all the time instead of having to change it every time we open this screen?



Yes, it is possible to set the Order By field to any other option and then have it stay! Open Vendor Activity and go to the Transactions tab. Set the 'Order By' field to the desired selection, and then select either Asendeng or Descending by clicking on the appropriate arrow.

The next step is to click on Settings and Save Settings As Defaults. 

Now whenever this user opens the Vendor Activity, the Order By field will be set to those settings.  This process can also be done on the Payments tab.  It is user-specific, so needs to be done, and can be different for each Sage user.

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