Inventory Worksheet shows too many items

Problem Details:

Physical Inventory Worksheet shows every single item in the inventory for every single location even though not all items are stored at or sold from every location.



When generating the Physical Inventory Worksheet, there is an option to include and exclude items from the sheet.  By default, the 'Include' field is set to 'All Items from Inventory List'.  This will give a worksheet that contains every item in inventory for each location regardless of whether or not it is allowed at that location.  The other (possibly preferable) options are:

  • Include In Use Items Only - this means that only items marked as 'Yes' in the 'In Use' field under Location Details will be included on the worksheet.  In Use means that there have been transactions posted for the item at that location. 
  • Include Items from Location Only - this means that only items that are assigned to that specific location will be listed on the worksheet.
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